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  Female passenger on the bus driver pulled the steering wheel XingJu attack Reporters on the 4th learned from Zhoukou police, local female passenger yesterday occurred abusive, offensive bus driver, driving and pulling the steering wheel causing the vehicle to the bus driver emergency braking is concerned, the parties female passenger on suspicion of endangering public security offenses by the police according to Detention.According to Zhoukou police, July 3 at 10 am, Zhoukou City Public Security Bureau order brigade pick lotus PUC 110 command center: in the vicinity of seven all the way to the gates Road intersection, a female passenger hit a 2-way Bus driver.Alarming by the police on duty found that: Chen female passenger for failing in the car at the bus stop, the bus driver Chen persuade its next to the station waiting car brand, Chen refused to accept female passenger persuasion, verbal abuse bus truck drivers were physically attacked after Mr. Chen and his hands pulling traveling in the bus steering wheel, causing the driver Chen emergency brake.Currently, Chen suspects on suspicion of endangering public safety under criminal detention according to law.The case is under further investigation in.Police advise that public safety can not be violated, please consciously safeguard the general public passenger transport order, civilized ride on offenders, the public security organs according to law.



《憧憬的生存》今晚收官 刘宪华回家放飞自我 大型生存办事纪实节目《憧憬的生存》第三季湘西篇第十三期,将于7月20日

交通部:29省份网上公然收费费率外 大众可能盘问从本年1月1日零时起源,全邦29个互联省份的487个高速公途省级收费站被撤

西北五省区借旅逛商品打造西引力 西部旅逛商品生意会5日正在青海循化撒拉族自治县举办。官员们愿望借帮西北五省突出文