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  Where network security program and then upgrade the epidemic: the territory of all products free to unsubscribe Transportation: China Civil Aviation Authority and the railway authorities have issued a nationwide free train ticket refund policy change, since January 24 at 0:00, had purchased airline tickets, passenger train ticket valid voluntary refund will not collect any cost.Where network will follow the implementation of the first time the airline and the specific implementation details of the railway bureau to assist the user to change back operation; ticket refund application in order details page Click [I] want to refund, select [delayed or canceled flights CAA] special policy options submitted buffet; ticket refund application click on the order details page refund [] [] button to confirm the refund submitted buffet; hotel: user January 23 where the network booking 20:00 generated before January 24 to February 8 guests Chinese territory of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and hotels, can be implemented cancellation; tourist products: all at 20 oclock on January 23 prior to booking and transaction is successful orders, departure date from January 24 to February 8 date tour with the group as a tourist destination territory, free, customized tours, study tours, wine and other products King orders started to experience a major disaster tourism security payments, and where to network online holiday shop orders can be canceled free scheduled.Special Policies: For the prevention and treatment of disease fighting in the front line of health care workers, border security, government officials, media reporters, because of the epidemic of work needs to cancel leave, with a corresponding certificate to the network where the implementation of priority, will be free to cancel the commitment Related Products.If the families of those peers frontline staff, but also free to cancel; for diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia users and their relatives, to provide proof of hospital-wide platform products can be canceled free of charge.Where net commitment: who meet the above cancellation conditions of tourism products, will implement all guarantees, please do not worry.At present, because customer service, then an explosion, artificial customer service wait for a long time.Where network is constantly upgraded online self-service system to help users to more efficiently handle.Please wait, the more urgent the left to the incoming person.thank you for your support.Where network



《憧憬的生存》今晚收官 刘宪华回家放飞自我 大型生存办事纪实节目《憧憬的生存》第三季湘西篇第十三期,将于7月20日

交通部:29省份网上公然收费费率外 大众可能盘问从本年1月1日零时起源,全邦29个互联省份的487个高速公途省级收费站被撤

西北五省区借旅逛商品打造西引力 西部旅逛商品生意会5日正在青海循化撒拉族自治县举办。官员们愿望借帮西北五省突出文