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  "Travel through time" to see the exhibition and see what age you want to go? "Offline" 300 million visitors, "online" hundreds of millions of views!"Travel through time" to see the exhibition and see what age you want to go?CCTV News: "The great history of glorious achievements - Peoples Republic of China to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of large-scale Exhibition" 2020 December 31 closing show.Since 2020, carried out in Beijing Exhibition Center on September 23, site visitors exceeded 3.1 million people."Offline" exhibition fiery same time, "online" exhibition is also alive, hits nearly 1 Online Pavilion.400 million.Many visitors said that the new China was founded 70 years of vicissitudes, concentrated on display in one of the exhibits, visitors very sense of substitution.Different ages, different identities, different regions of the visitors, and how to find their own share memories and it resonates?In the exhibition hall, the reporter saw the showroom of a family, living room and all the city most of the families are now almost from the decoration to the arrangement.From a photograph on the wall of the introduction, reporters learned that this is the Xining, Qinghai Tibetan residents to move a shed change replacement housing real-life scenarios.July 2013, the State Council introduced a provision to accelerate urban construction of affordable housing projects, Li Ying, a family of four countries to benefit from housing security policy, moved into more than 80 square meters of affordable housing Government.This is just a microcosm of Chinas construction of affordable housing.Since the partys 18, Chinas housing security system was further improved, continued to improve housing security, affordable housing and more abundant form.By the end of 2020, through the construction of affordable housing and shantytowns, a total of more than 200 million poor people to help improve housing conditions.Among them, more than 3,700 people live in public rental, more than 5,000 people to buy affordable housing and limit commercial, more than 100 million squatters "out of the shed into the floor", and a total of nearly 22 million poor people to receive the public lease rental subsidies, the market rental housing on their own, to meet the diverse housing needs.Since eighteen, to solve the housing problems of more than 100 million people in financial difficulties.From dream homes of the people, "Home Ownership" to "Housing," and "room to live not fried, with hire purchase rights" continue to promote the reform of the housing system in our country is constantly build and improve.But time back to the early days of New China 70 years ago, when housing conditions is what it?A 1950s real marriage room pavilion design, many visitors talk, at the time such an arrangement are high with the average family has not yet reached this level.After the founding of New China, Chinas urban residents in the implementation of welfare housing distribution system, most of the residents live in housing units or housing allocation management.Bungalows, tenements, population, small housing area is the memory of that era.2049 urban per capita housing floor space of 8.3 square meters, the urban per capita housing construction area of 39 square meters in 2020.In other words, the same area, a person living today, almost 70 years ago to live five people.Many visitors have experienced that era told reporters that the memory of that era, with the housing shortage is the lack of accompanying material.Founding of New China, weak industrial and agricultural base, food and clothing expense of the development of all aspects of the production can not keep up the demand for hundreds of millions of people improve their lives.It had never been seen all wearing cotton underwear, and the business was limited land and eat, and could not wear, textiles abnormal shortage.September 2054, start the implementation of the national cotton plan rationing, per capita payment of installments over the cloth votes, fabrics, clothing, bedding, all tickets purchased.Now, of all the fashion Perhaps everyone has a different view.But time back to the 1970s and eighties, talking about fashion is definitely around, but a word, that is, "Dacron".This now seems quite rustic, it is not comfortable chemical fiber fabrics, at the time led the bright, crisp fashion clothing.It is this "not long out of cloth from the earth" to help Chinese people end the "piecemeal, renovation of the old patch pile patch" dress day.2080, Chinas cotton yield year after year, polyester blended fabric production increased 30 times more than in the late 2060s, textile production has been able to meet the people needs.From the beginning of 2082, the state has to reduce or waive certain textile cloth votes, open supply, once stretched, "every family more than" one time very Jingui cloth votes.Wear, is no longer worry, cotton textiles, chemical fiber fabric of the kind of style more and more.By the mid-1980s, the rage of "Dacron" gradually decline, began to pay attention to wear comfortable it is recognized that synthetic fabrics tight, do not sweat shortcomings.Over time, peoples dress, aesthetics constantly updated, pure cotton again become fashionable, and "Dacron" is a "shortage of fashion" in some special memories.Each of us with basic necessities of daily life, from which changes can clearly see the enormous progress of the times, the rapid development of society.In the exhibition hall, a group of 1980s Chinese rural and urban households simulation scenario, is to attract a large audience gathered to pictures.2090, TV series "Desire" hit, then TV penetration rate is not high, when a TV broadcast, the neighborhood, will gather there to watch TV that family together.Its full of a sense of the scene, so that children feel both fresh and familiar, while the visitors have experienced that era, recalled in the past at the same time, also recollections of changing times.Purchase from tailored clothing to the network; from hungry to eat well; from the soil to the house building; from walking to diverse travel; to buy tickets from mobile payment; Qianlichuanyin letter home to the Internet from online video chat.Once the "unexpected" has become commonplace today.Exhibition in 70 years, a pictures, old objects one by one, a scene are recorded improving peoples livelihood bit by bit.General Secretary emphasized that the people yearning for a better life, is our goal.How to achieve the peoples yearning for a better life, a large party in the nineteenth report also responded, that is: the young have education, to education, employment, medical services and a sense of security, there is live residence, has been supporting the weak."People are the foundation, the solid Bunning," the peoples livelihood is the happiness of the people, the foundation of social harmony.New China from a poverty-stricken to the prosperity and development, from single economic structure to optimize and upgrade, from the supply shortage Shortage rich merchandise from a closed or semi-closed to full-open, 70-year development of Chinese peoples livelihood to the peoples lives changed dramatically, so get a sense of peoples well-being, a sense of security more substantial, more secure, more sustainable.A viewer said: "I am Kirgiz, from Xinjiang.Through the exhibition witnessed the Peoples Republic of China 70 years our political, social, cultural, military and economic development, we have a better life today is through the efforts of our predecessors came, and we are very proud of them and grateful, thankful."A picture, a section of the video, one model, so that people once again feel attracted worldwide admiration of the great achievements New China has made in 70 years.Todays China, the revival of schedule and strengthen the country has entered a crucial "second half".Looking back on the past, the Chinese continue to create miracles, continued jumped; Looking to the future, China will remain true to line, line stability Zhiyuan, brought to the world a more exciting story development.For China, 2020 will be a landmark year because the target China will achieve a comprehensive well-off society.As general secretary of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of founding of New China Conference said: "China has been written yesterday in human annals, is in the hands of millions of people in China today to create, Chinas tomorrow will be better."


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