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  Chinas first commercial maglev 2.Version 0 train speed to break a record 140 km Hunan Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd. announced on the 22nd that Chinas first commercial maglev column 2.Version 0 maglev train recently in Changsha fast line speed test, to break through the 140 km per hour, setting a short stators low-speed maglev train speed world record.It is reported that the commercial maglev 2.0 version of the train design speed of 160 km using three grouping, passenger capacity of 500 people.Testing their speed Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd. and Hunan led by maglev technology research center in Hunan Province, China jointly launched jointly Maglev field advantage in Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., National University of Defense Technology, Changsha University of Technology.In August 2020, the commercial maglev 2.0 Version train starts speed maglev test in Changsha fast lane.In September, the working group has completed testing experimental validation in the train speed of 130 km / h, the vehicle, the key performance indicators of the line to verify and assess, collect a lot of valuable test data.After the test speed of 140 km breakthrough, the next will continue to sprint higher speed.Since May 2016 opening test operation by the end of 2020, Changsha fast maglev line operator total mileage of 343.40,000 kilometers, the total passenger 1203.6 Wansheng times.By 2020, total passenger traffic 397.1 Wan Cheng times, an increase of 20.43%; multiply times the average daily traffic 10879, an increase of 20.78%.Among them, the National Day holiday multiply times the average daily traffic reached 15163, October 3 created daily traffic multiply times as high of 16227.


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