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  National Grand Theater hosts enterprises promotion to show more than 20 boutique items Today, the National Theater, "2020 Enterprise Cooperation Promotion Conference" held in Beijing, China and many other well-known business representatives, and a hundred people attended.At the meeting, the National Grand Theater shows more than 20 quality projects, covering performances, homemade productions, tours, forums four categories, to seek more partners to make arts and culture more broadly benefit the public.The promotion conference, the National Grand Theater person in charge, National Theater performed more than 900 year-round commercial field, covering opera, dance, music, drama and other art forms.Usually one year ahead of schedule to complete the program schedule.This year, an estimated 960 performances.He said the National Grand Theater performances each year the proportion of foreign maintained at 30% -35% of the total performance, to meet the needs of the majority of the audience to appreciate the world of fine arts.Promotion conference, the National Theater were demonstrated more than 20 quality projects, covering performances, homemade productions, tours, forums four categories, including non-genetic opera performances, international theater season, the international childrens theater season, the National Grand Theater Dance Festival etc., and has become the industrys "gold standard" of the national Theater opera homemade, original drama, childrens plays, etc., especially for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China launched a tribute repertoire "Lin", "choice", etc..Promotion also shows the National Theater Orchestra 2020-2020 mid-tour of two important.As the resident orchestra National Center for the Performing Arts, the National Theater Orchestra in 2020, a time when the tenth anniversary, will travel to major cities in the United States, Canada and other countries, in many of the worlds top debut concert halls.National Grand Theater Development person in charge, multi-party National Theater expand investment and financing channels, more than ten years worked out a model of cooperation and business diversification, sponsorship system, including strategic partners to develop the title partner, long-term partner, the project sponsors, sponsors and other small.No all-round promotion of artistic resources, strength and image of the National Theater, the future will be open attitude to attract high-quality social forces, private capital to participate in the creation of art projects, dissemination and popularization in the past.National Grand Theater Vice President Jing Zhu expressed the hope that in the future more partners for their support of the National Grand Theater to further the release of strong artistic charm and creative strength, make arts and culture more broadly benefit the public.Today, capital operation center Beijing Financial Street, Beijing Financial Street Investment Co., Ltd. and other companies and the National Theater signed a letter of intent.


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