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  Storm Group: actual controller Feng Xin was arrested for criminal coercive measures According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website news, Storm Group Co., Ltd. today announced that the companys actual controller Feng Xin suspicion of a crime is the public security organs to take coercive measures, pending further investigation matters related to public security organs.The Shenzhen Stock Exchange website announcement shots "Notice" means, as of now, Storm Group Co., Ltd. normal operating conditions.Company management will strengthen management and ensure the stability and normal business.At the same time, the company will work to develop appropriate management measures and contingency plans, to maximize the protection of the companys various business activities run smoothly.In addition, the company will continue to focus on the progress of these events, the timely implementation of information disclosure obligations.


外汇杂志订阅教你怎么挑选龙猫,猫咪接近举止有哪些及源由阐发 教你奈何挑选龙猫,猫咪靠近举动有哪些及缘由认识人们把猫

Chinese Consulate General in Sydney upgrading forensic payment service According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular train public micro-channel number in

国家外汇管理条例-德牧小犬怎样喂养,为狗狗挑选玩具的必知 德牧小犬怎么喂养,为狗狗挑选玩具的必知假使哈斯基要长期间