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  Taiwans young entrepreneurs to seek investment and development team in Beijing 2020 Camp and Beijing Great Wall venture investment matchmaking 5th Session held in Beijing Taiwan Center.Recommended by Beijing and Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee selected 10 projects to expand innovation and entrepreneurship roadshow by professional investors and investment appraisal guidance.It is reported that the Great Wall of business matchmaking Camp and Beijing Investment Co., Ltd. by the Beijing special TSU, Beijing vision bred technology incubator, Zhongguancun Technology Managers Association co-sponsored, has entered its third year.The first two teams to participate in the activities of 22 groups, 10 groups have access to finance, the total amount of financing more than one.500 million yuan, of which eight groups to complete the registration landing in Beijing.Beijing Taiwan Compatriots, president of peak activity in the opening ceremony, held in Beijing and Taiwan to support youth innovation and entrepreneurship competition, is the will to implement the Beijing Cayman "55 measures" practice, the focus needs youth, youth development services, Share development opportunities mainland and Taiwan compatriots.Taiwan can expect the venture to draw abundant nutrient Beijing innovation and entrepreneurship policy and the environment, seize opportunities, dreams of future success.Beijing Vision Technology Incubator Incubation Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Guan Rong said Beijing fast pace of development, innovation and high tolerance, the market is large, very suitable experimental stage as an innovative.The main purpose of the camp is organized to help Taiwan business venture effective docking Beijing talent, technology, capital, market and policy to allow Taiwan to Beijing youth entrepreneurship, at the same time enjoy the policy support, Beijing can take advantage of a strong competitive advantage and technological intelligence innovation resources.The same day, 10 entrepreneurial team presented their project, involving the use of old material, intelligent medical, networking, animation and other multi-cultural and creative fields.Hundreds of teachers and students from 20 colleges and universities in Taiwan to observe the scene.Many young entrepreneurs, said the mainland market have high expectations, hoping to be able to obtain investment projects landing in Beijing.Many people invest in the mainland and Taiwan youth exchange and share experiences, entrepreneurial investment projects to assess and improve their business ideas, explore the mainland market advice.China Incubator Association Xu Wenchuan past two years, led more than 10 Taiwan Green hit team to Beijing to seek investment and development opportunities, and contributed to a number of projects financing.In his view, Beijing Zhongguancun has become the worlds innovation, the Great Wall has become Taiwans youth entrepreneurship camp team record trusted platform, more and more willing to join the team.He hoped that Taiwan can have the entrepreneurial team, "the bigger picture, the future outlook, outlook", full of learning, progressing towards success.


外汇杂志订阅教你怎么挑选龙猫,猫咪接近举止有哪些及源由阐发 教你奈何挑选龙猫,猫咪靠近举动有哪些及缘由认识人们把猫

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国家外汇管理条例-德牧小犬怎样喂养,为狗狗挑选玩具的必知 德牧小犬怎么喂养,为狗狗挑选玩具的必知假使哈斯基要长期间